Silkie sexing


6 Years
I bought two silkies about 7 weeks ago. I know it is hard to determine the sex of silkies, but I thought maybe someone could give me some idea to what I may have to look forward to. I am hoping for one of each. Thanks in advance.

Frenchie left, puffy right




Its a little too young to tell. But, when they get older, here are some things to look for:

Silkie females will have puffier, rounder crests. Their combs will be smaller, and they will have a squat stance. Males, though, often have "streamers", which are longer, thin feathers projecting from their crests. Males will also develop their combs quicker, and will be taller and often larger than the females.

This Silkie is a rooster. See how large the comb is?
This is a female. The comb and wattles are smaller, and she has a more feminine head


This Silkie rooster exhibits "streamers" Streamers are the thin, longer feathers on the back of the crest. Females do not usually have them.


This shows the puffy crest and squat stance of a female A rooster stands taller and has a smaller crest.

Hope this helps! Post some more photos in a few weeks.
here is one for you..female or male...I am so confused..this is my only silkie..I only have 4 chickens total...

I don't see anything that would suggest your silkie being a rooster, so I would say girl for now.

oh thank god...I was hoping she was a she...thank you for your help...I have been struggling trying to figure it out..
what do you know about the clown behind her this crazy dude...

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