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    I Love my Black Show Girl Silkie! I LOVE her to death and I am very Nervous if it is A Boy... And I looked this up before and looked at all the Things... Here is what they said:

    1. Feel any Spurs? No
    2. Big Wattles? No
    3. Thicker Feet? Maybe
    4. Bigger body? Maybe

    I want some feedback on it... I cannot really tell!

    What, Can a Person sex a Silkie Chicken?? Never heard it crow yet...

    We are on the boarder though... Some of the Traits of a Hen and a Rooster... So nervous just praying for it to be a Girl!!!!!

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    hey! i've been honing my "sexing silkies" skill and if you provide some pictures, i can try to help. there's no way anyone can sex a silkie without pictures though, and sometimes you don't know unless they crow or lay an egg!

    try to get pictures from the side, standing, to see the stance. close up of the comb and wattles. and a side view of the crest. :)

    spurs mean nothing until they are a lot older. big body is hard to tell if you don't have other silkies to compare. same with thicker feet, though i have one hen and one pullet silkie and the pullet's legs are thicker than the hen's... though less thick than the roosters'.
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    If you post some photos, I'll help sex it. I'm usually pretty good at sexing Silkies. However, here are some things to watch for:

    • Comb and wattle growth. Silkie combs and wattles don't get as large as other birds, but a male will have a larger comb than a female. Often, male combs are wider at the base, and a more purplish-red color.
    • Stance. Silkie males often stand taller than the females. Females have a squat appearance.
    • Crest. The crest of a male Silkie is usually smaller than the females, and more slicked back. A female Silkie usually has a puffy crest.
    • Streamers. Streamers are longer, pointy feathers in the crest of a male Silkie. Females don't get them.

    Here are some photos showing a male and a female Silkie:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This is a female Silkie (photo from This is a male Silkie. The difference in comb and

    See the slicked back crest and pointy "streamers"? A squat Silkie hen

    [​IMG] A tall Silkie rooster.
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