Silkie/SG split lavender project flock!!! 8 birds!!! NY or ship


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Dec 16, 2008
I had thought these were sold (at a higher price than listed right now) but the buyer flaked out on me and I cant wait any longer.

I am struggling a bit and have to reduce asap so if you are serious please hit that button

An entire lavender silkie project flock. Consisting of 3 penciled partridge colored bearded silkie pullets with huge crests coming in and vaulted sculls, One Show Girl pullet going to have an enormous crest, 2 bearded partridge/muddy colored cockerels both with big crests and vaulted sculls, and a gray pullet with huge crest and vaulted scull, and one white lave split with leakage. 8 birds in all 3 males and 5 females. one pullet has an extra little toe but all others have very nice heavily feathered feet with very good spacing. the colors are off but the type is VERY VERY nice on many of them. The penciled ones and gray silkie are really beautiful. I have a huge divided box that will fit all of them. There are some VERY nice type birds in this group and certainly enough to hatch pure lavender silkies and show girls. The sire was the lavender seen as the last pic from Bren. They are all about 3 months of age. Due to issues where I live I have to reduce my flocks, my loss is your gain. All were vaccinated for Mareks as day old chicks.

They will ship out weather depending on both sides. They will all have shredded apples for the journey. I will use the dividers as I see fit as whatever looks the safest is the way I will pack them.

They are all very healthy and friendly


SIRE of all of them


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