Silkie/Showgirl/Frizzle Cochin/Sebright Mix 10$dz


11 Years
Nov 28, 2008
East Austin, Texas
Hi. We had all of these guys in one pen and they started laying before we were ready to separate them and are now passing our mistakes onto you! All of our guys have had no exposure to any other chickens and are healthy. They have not been vaccinated in any way. So, lets start from the top...

This is Chibi and Ichi, our bantam cochins. She is a frizzle, as you can see.

And now for the Silkies...

Note: Those are not red feathers. That is Indian food.

And the stars of the show....

We are selling a dozen eggs for $10.00 plus postage. We cannot guarantee the purity of any particular breed as they are all in one pen up until now or the amount of each. Oh yes, the wild card....

So, you want some cool mutts? We'll have about 4 dozen within the next 2 weeks. Can do pick up in the Central Texas area. PM if you have any questions. Kthnxbye!
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