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    Apr 20, 2010

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    Chestnut needs rehoming! This little guy hatched in April 2011. He is 3/4 Partridge Silkie and 1/4 Sicilian Buttercup. His mother was a purebred Partridge silkie and his father was a Sicilian Buttercup X Partridge Silkie cross. He's fairly small, about average silkie height. He's got dark red/mulberry skin, a walnut-type comb, five toes and feathered feet.

    Right now I've just got too many roosters, and Chestnut seemed the best candidate for re-homing. He's fairly skittish when approached and initially picked up or handled, but once he's being held he calms down immediately and becomes very docile. He has never shown any aggression to people and doesn't really fight with the other roosters. In addition, his attention to hens is acceptable for a cockerel his age. No bare backs here!

    He's a great little bird and needs to go to a home where he will NOT be killed for food. (He's too small anyway.)

    I will NOT ship him, but I can arrange either a pick up, drop off or a half-way meet in the area of Southern Wisconsin.

    I would be happy to answer any questions concerning Chestnut here or in a PM/email.

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