Silkie/Silky/Frizzle Hen Wanted. Local only please! North Georgia.


8 Years
Jul 28, 2011
Jefferson, GA
Hi, I am looking for a Silky or Fizzle hen, I bought one from a woman a few weeks ago and found out it is a rooster, my husband won't allow me to have roosters so I am now on a hunt for a hen, I would like her to already be tamed because she is a gift for my daughter so the hen needs to be tamed to being held on laps and picked up out of coop. She can have some age on her as long as she isn't too senior, we aren't super interested in eggs, she will be pet only and to do possible local 4H shows.

Color doesn't really matter but white is our least favorite since the GA clay stains it, size does not matter either, it just MUST be a hen and MUST be tame.

Please state price in your reply, I don't have a whole lot of extra money hehe!

Thank you very much!
I am located in Suwanee GA and am willing to travel an hour in radius if needed.
Reply here or email me at [email protected]

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