Silkie Staying In Coop


Jul 30, 2019
Hello all,
I have a 10 month old silkie who keeps staying in the nest box during the day. It has not laid since Tuesday and is not sat on an egg or anything.
When you go to pick her up, she makes an angry noise but only once and as soon as you let her out she is running around, eating, drinking etc. She also fluffs herself up whilst outside. However she will return inside after around 15 minutes
Earlier today I picked her up and put her outside with the other chickens. I was watching her outside eating and then she started making squeaky noises and all of a sudden a watery liquid come running out of her mouth. But she started eating again straight after.
Any ideas?
Thanks everybody! That was my first assumption, it was just the watery liquid that I was suspicious of
When I had my two silkies, one was always broody. They would lay eggs for a couple of weeks, then go broody, and after they were broken from being broody, they might lay eggs for a few weeks again, and repeat. To protect her from becoming too thin and sick, break her broody spell with 5 days in a wire dog crate with no bedding, but food and water, and possibly a small roost inside. Or if you let her hatch some eggs and raise some chicks, she might do well until her next broody spell.

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