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Help!! I picked up my 2 lavender silkies today at the p.o. The roo was fine but my little pullet was stressed big time. She sits down on her butt with her legs stretched out in front of her. I have given her sugar water, vitamin drops, and she has eaten a little feed. I have tried holding her in the correct position then putting her down on the ground but she will thrash about and tense up and duck her head between her outstretched legs. Can someone tell me what to do??
I'm sorry but, that doesn't sound like stress. That sounds like a case of splayed legs that she probably had before shipping. This is my guess. But, thats what it sounds like to me.

maybe someone else can help here. But I don't think you can correct splayed legs at such and age. Again I could be wrong and someone will ding in and correct me here.

Maybe she could also have Mereks does she twist her head. This is also not curable and she probably had this before shipping also.

Also pictures might help to better diagnose her condition.
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I had the same thing happen to me last April with a pair of lavenders. I just isolated the girl and kept her warm and had food and water available to her. Within 3-4 days, she drew her legs underneath her but still couldn't walk. Just hobbled around. Then by the 6-7th day, she was walking around just fine. Just give it some time. I have a video of her thrashing around if you want to see it to compare if it's the same thing.

As soon as I opened the box in the p.o. and saw her I called the breeder and descibed to her what the little pullet was doing. She is the one who told me it was shipping stress. She is a well known breeder near Dallas, you would think she would tell me the truth. I have never shipped poultry before so I did not know. Her head is not twisted-- sometimes it is own the ground when she is tensed up and sometimes she has it in the correct position as she sits down on her butt.

Iwill try to take pics tomorrow and post them. Thanks for your input.
It's probably wry neck, which silkeis get quite easily from the littiest stress. I've had is happen many many times.

Look up treatment for wry neck. I hope she gets better.... I've lost many to it. Silkies are so darn fragile. I always worry about shipping.
From my expierance with silkies they are pretty tough little buggers. They usually don't stress real easy. But if you are talking about texas then you must be talking about the only breeder I know of that has lavs in texas. I don't think she would sell sickly silkies.

So this one is baffling. Silkies are usually pretty hardy. But it is a new color, so maybe just not as hardy yet. I would seperate her and maybe try giving her electrlytes to help correct the problem and make sure she is eating and drinking on her own. The electrolytes has vitamins in it which may help snap her out of it. I keep them on hand at the farm here. you should be able to get it at any TSC store for a couple bucks.

Good luck, I hope she gets better for you.
Could this possibly be the vitamin E deficiency that is common in silkies that causes the neck problems??? Maybe brought on by stress?? Just a thought.

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