Silkie that can't walk: rickets? spraddle leg? deformity?

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Oct 4, 2009
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I just got my first order of chicks on Friday. Out of the 4 Silkies I ordered only 2 are thriving. One died a few hours after arrival (I'm pretty sure it had just been smushed by the other chicks while shipping) and one, while seemingly healthy and very alert, just can't walk.

This little one, whom we been calling Igor because of it's problems, holds one leg perfectly under his/her body and pushes around with the other, which sticks out to the side a bit. It doesn't stick out like the pictures of spraddle leg that I've seen so I'm thinking it might be rickets. Has anyone had this problem before?

The most troublesome side affect is that Igor can't stand at all. S/he pushes around the little box I have it in, mostly in circles, but doesn't seem to be improving. I've been hand feeding it gruel through a syringe. At first Igor sucked it down, but doesn't seem interested today.

I wanted to do everything I could before I wrote poor little Igor off as a lost cause. Any advice? I'm trying not to get attached, since I know it is probably a losing battle, but that's hard when you are hand feeding such a cute little chick.

On a positive note, the rest of my chicks are doing wonderfully. They are precious and hilarious!
I'm new also, but I thought I read that people tape the chicks foot down onto a small piece of keep it like that until the chicks body keeps the leg down naturally...check around on the boards here...I know I read it of luck...
Thanks Ellen. I've got a little splint on his foot now. It doesn't seem to be helping at all. I think it's really that he can't use the other leg, the one he holds under him. He never even really moves it. When I pick him up to feed him, the seemingly bad leg moves around and helps him get his balance while the seemingly good leg just stays tucked up under his body.

Like I said, I'm happy to keep trying things, but since he's not really eating today, I think nature may soon take care of the situation for me. It's sad, because he is such a charming little thing.
I'm so sorry that you lost Igor. ~sigh~

I've been following your thread because I, too, have a spraddle (?) legged chick. I tried to Bandaid the legs together as I've seen done, but it didn't seem to help. I don't know what to do ...
awww....I'm so sorry you lost little you said...nature does take its course...Hang in'll get better, I'm sure...
Blessings & a hug

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