Silkie vs Silkie Bantam


6 Years
May 8, 2013
I've noticed all the Silkies from MyPetChicken are labeled bantams, while all the Silkies from MeyerHatchery aren't labeled bantams, yet they both say about the same weight. Is there a difference between these two breeds? I don't see a hatchery that offers both Silkies and Silkie bantams, just one or the other.
Any Silkie from a hatchery is a bantam, it's just that the hatcheries may label them either way (if you've noticed, hatcheries are not exactly precise in their breed labeling, as evidenced by Araucanas vs. Americanas vs. Ameraucanas vs. Easter Eggers).

To make it more confusing, there IS a standard sized Silkie, it's just only found in Asian countries.
Silkies, as other breeds of poultry, vary in size. I don't consider the Silkie a bantam unless it weighs within the general standard for the breed. I've seen a dramatic size difference in Silkies throughout the years so it is very possible the breeder Silkies are larger than the American standard. Silkies are known to be bantam in the US, while in the UK there are Standard and Bantam size.

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