Silkie walking backwards with head shaking and bent down to ground.

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    This is Joe Bryant's wife, Anne. I just took our little (unnamed) splash Silkie with these symptoms to the vet. She has diagnosed an ear infection. She decided this by shining a light into the Silkie's eyes and seeing that they move back and forth.

    We will be giving the Silkie SMZ (same as Bactrin for adults) twice a day: .12 ml with a syringe. She will also get berry-flavored Gatorade for electrolytes. I'm to feed her five times a day. She is taking mealworms eagerly, so that's what it will be, at least at first. Once a day I am to squeeze Vitamin E from a gel onto the mealworms.

    It's OK to let her stay with the others as long as they aren't harassing her, which they aren't.

    Should know by Monday if this is going to work.


    P.S. I'm not as mean as Joe says.
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    Good luck with your baby, Anne!

    And I always suspected he was full of...baloney.
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    UPDATE from Joe
    As of today the silkie is starting to show a lot of improvement. Anne's doing a good job of nursing it; she's nice to the silkie; however,...

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