Silkie with a neck twist, but perfectly healthy??


11 Years
Dec 16, 2008
Hudson, WI
We noticed yesterday that one of our Silkie chicks (about 3 wks old) is looking sideways, like she turned her head to look at another chicken and it got stuck. She is eating and drinking and interacting and seems just fine, otherwise.... Could it still be a vitamin deficency? I have then on the Fleet Farm Medicated baby chick food, since I had gotten several chicks at a swap, and not knowing their history, bought a bag of medicated feed on the theory of "ounce of prevention/pound of cure". They have also been eating mixed seeds, (wild birdfood for small birds).

Should I try Polyvisol? That was mentioned in several older posts when I did a search.

Another suggestion was vitamin E..... isn't that in the Polyvisol?

I tried last night holding it and gently rubbing the neck. Didn't help, but the chick sure liked it!


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