Silkie with Extremely swollen foot and leg

Becca Mahoney

In the Brooder
Oct 25, 2017
I'm so sorry y'all. No pics, too dark she I found. Little Silkie hen with one foot and leg so swollen I can only compare to Bugs Bunny's ballon like glove. She's limping a little. Crop not full, nor empty. Doesn't seem weak. Saw a spot of fresh blood when I picked her up to inspect. Will check closer in a.m. Trying to get a headstart on treatment. I have Epsom salts, water soluble antibiotics and injectable Tylan on hand. Tia
It's hard to know what's going on without photos.

Since you saw fresh blood on the foot(?) bringing her in so you can inspect her really well for injury/wounds that would be good.
A ballooned up leg could be caused by several things - check to make sure she doesn't have a string wrapped around the leg. It won't hurt to soak a swollen leg in epsom salts. When you have examined and determined the cause of the swelling - antibiotics may be appropriate, but I would not use them unless necessary.

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