Silkie with swollen eye/face. Injury?

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    I noticed my silkie roo had some swelling above his eye last night around 9pm. He also had a small blood spot in the center of his comb (did not appear to have swelling there). I checked him again at 530 this morning and the swelling seems to be worse. The photo is from last night. I'm thinking maybe an injury from a run in with another member of my flock? Does anyone have advice on how to reduce the swelling/treat this??

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    I'm not sure how to treat the swelling unless it is infection from the wound. I always keep Vetericyn Plus on hand for any injuries. It can be used on dogs, cats, rabbits, fowl and parrots. I have all except the rabbits! I even use it on my horse and donkey.
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    Looking at the photo - does he have a small wound/sore place at the corner of the eye? (red circle)
    It may be from injury/peck to the eye, especially if you also found another small blood spot on the comb. You apply a little Terramycin, Vetericyn eye gel or plain triple antibiotic ointment on the swelling to see if that helps. If it get larger or if there is pus, then you may need to see a vet.
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