Silkie with the runs!

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    Nov 1, 2011
    I have a 7 month old silkie with the runs. She has had them for about a month now. She is laying eggs, eats, and behaves normally. She does not have mites or any other body critters because she is bathed quite often. We are having to bath her frequently because of the mess she is in; poop is all over her. We have tried rice, bananas, yogurt, eggs, sweet potatoes, sulmet, duramycin, vinegar water, changed their food from crumbles to pellets and no luck. I have talked to people at the feed store and no luck. I am at a total loss. I spent all day trying to find a vet that would see a chicken, again no luck. This sweet baby isn't just a chicken, she is a family pet member and we love her dearly. We used to be able to sit and hold her, rock her in the rocking chair, walk around with her tucked in our arms but since she started laying eggs we cant. Whenever you pick her up, she looses control and poop goes everywhere.

    Does anyone have any idea what direction I need to go in? I dont know much about chickens or what to do. My daughter will be crushed if anything happens to this baby. Does anyone know of a vet that will see chickens in the Greensboro NC area? My sweet Dumpling is the the blond silkie with the purple glasses on.
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    I am very sorry to hear that and do not know what the problen might be but, I hope everything comes out OK!! Good luck

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