Silkie with twisted neck again

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    My silkie hen had a twisted neck about a month ago. Thanks to this forum I treated her with poly sol vitamins and vitamin E for 2 weeks. She made progress and was back to normal so I put her back with the other girls. Today I noticed that her neck was twisted again. I began the same treatment.
    Is the twisted neck going to continue to happen to her if she stops taking the vitamins?
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    Sorry to hear about your silkie. I don't know the answer to your question though. [​IMG]
  3. It is possible that she just doesn't get the nutrition that she needs from the feed. The others are's just her. You may have to continuously treat her with the PolyViSol if it helped the last time.
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    Mine did the same thing when I tried to tapper off it. I redosed and she did get better but still turns her head from time to time and runs in circles if excited. Try giving scrambled eggs and wet her food into a mash so it's a little easier for her to grab.Vit E gels worked too. I'd put a hole in one and drip it in her beak 1 or 2 times daily.[​IMG]

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