Silkie with wry neck


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Nov 25, 2018
Hey I'll keep this as short as possible, about a week ago I noticed my silkie acting weird, then a few days later the neck problems started coming in, it's obvious to me that it's wry neck and I am looking for help for treatment, everyone keeps saying Vitamin E and selenium but i'm not actually sure how to administer this, should it go in the water, should i dissolve it into syringe and pour into beak? should the capsule directly go into the beak? I've also seen some videos of people putting it into like scrambled eggs but they never list exact doses.. any help regarding this issue would be highly apprecciated.


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Dec 11, 2009
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Pop a vitamin E oil 400iu capsule directly into the beak. Do the same with a sliver of selenium tablet, approximately 25mgc. Do it each day until symptoms disappear. For good measure, I recommend a vitamin B complex tablet, too. No danger of overdosing on B vitamins.

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