silkie won't come out of the coop


10 Years
May 11, 2009
Orange, Texas
so my younger chickens have matured ... we kept 1 barred rock rooster

since the rooster has started to do his business ... the silkie has been hiding out in the coop ... will not come out
yes give her some time after he mates with her then she will be ok...
she has been hiding out in the coop for 2 weeks

once in a while i will toss her in to the pen ... he chases her down and she escapes

yesterday i locked the rooster up in a cage and tossed the silkie in the pen ... she squaked and made a mad dash back to the coop
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Think logically: a 12+ pound rooster breeding a 3 pound hen. Does that sound reasonable to you? Standard roosters inadvertantly hurt bantam hens when breeding them. It's a fact.
trying to talk the wife into letting me incubate some eggs and then getting rid of the rooster

it would be nice if i could wait until the barred rock hen and ee hen start laying though ... i figure that once they start laying then i can collect eggs for a week ... incubate and get rid of the rooster
I'm with your silkie in hiding. I would be scarred. You need to think do you want bantams, standard, or large breed. If you want standard and to incubate some eggs I would tell you to just buy some eggs and not put the poor girl through it. The eggs are not that expensive. I hope you figure it out...

This is an old post but I'm sure, a recurrent problem. Happened to my ladies. Try making or buying a "hen saddle" or "chicken apron".
This protects the backs of the ladies when they are receiving the....umm....attention from the roo's. Also, I use a Pedipaw to trim my roosters toenails and make them blunt. Figured that one out after poor Fuzz, my Buff Orpington, got sliced and diced down her back
from all the male attention. The apron allowed the wound to heal, allowed feathers to start growing back, and kept her from getting hurt during mounting.

I ordered them from a wonderful lady named Marion. Cheap and easy fix to give confidence to your shy lady. I mean, it probably hurts them to be "tended to" by their man. Marion can be found at I believe. Best money I ever spent on my hens!

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