Silkie won't open eyes

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    I acquired this silkie about 10 days ago, all seemed well. She is about 2 months old.

    This morning we noticed that she was mopey. So we introduced her to the baby chicks in the box next to her. When we did this a few days ago she was terribly mean to them, pecking them until they ran in the opposite direction! Today she let them sit under her and she didn't peck at them.

    Then this afternoon we noticed that her eyes are closed all the time. They are not goopy or stuck shut and she does occasionally open one or both eyes, but not for long. The eyes are not swollen or injured.

    Her crop is completely empty. However she is acting normal in every other way...preening, seeming interested in our voice, etc. Just won't open her eyes so I guess if she can't see where she's going...she's not going anywhere.

    She has been eating Purina Start 'n Grow and drinking water with vitamins, electrolytes, probiotics (Rooster Booster brand).

    So this is what we just did...we filled a bowl with her crumbles and a bowl with water. We also spread some crumbles on the floor of her own, separated (quarrantined) brooder box. We showed her where the bowls are and she is now eating and drinking, walking around the box, eating from both the bowl and the floor, drinking water.

    We just lost a different bird from this same breeder, same purchase, same age, (different color bird) , from brain damage and subsequent pneumonia after being treated with prednisone.

    Are silkies always this sensitive? We have been brooding lots of other egglayers for the last month without one problem. Now I've had two birds, both purchased apparently healthy at 2 months of age, sick. Is it the breed or the breeder? Could this latest one be anything contagious???

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    In my experience, yes silkies are always that sensitive. I got rid of the last of mine. Yes, they are cute and cuddly, but basically worthless when you have the ones that look really nice. The silkies from hatcheries are generally much hardier, but of course, not show quality.

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    Hmmmmmm [​IMG]
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    Apr 11, 2009
    first thing is YOU have to many vitamin products given to these birds
    either vit & electrolytes
    or rooster booster probiotic

    I would cut the amt of each in half as this seems too strong to me

    she is just a silkie and probably was dis satisfied with her situation
    as for the cpld the other died from
    well it may have been passed on in the rest of the chick
    I would say she is going to be wanting to be alone
    as she is intemidated by others
    or trying to peck younger ones

    I think that I would not give the electrolights and give small amt of probiotic

    like when I give wet mash probiotic
    I only five 2-3 tsp per chick that age
    using the formula of
    1 qt of dry crumbles
    2 qts of milk fresh or sour
    1/3 cup of unflavored yoguart
    mix good and keep unused amt in frig
    feed twice a week to strengthened the chicks gut flora to fight disease

    make what ever amount the chicks can eat in 30-45 minutes then clean the feeder
    do not let it stand after that in shed

    Vitamins and Electrolytes will kill chicks if given tooo strong

    As for silkies they have been inbred now as they are more popular and seem to have more sickneses

    you can go to Alans web site
    also the
    asbc site on silkies
    Alan" <[email protected]>

    ContactsTo: [email protected] Article/Incubato rControl. html

    also his web site has lots of silkie articles
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    Thank you to everyone who has responded. It's nice to know what we are working with and it will help us provide her a happy home.

    And, don't know if the eye ointment has anything to do with it but she is keeping her eyes open more today.
  6. No, Silkies are not always that sensitive, and if I were you, I'd seperate that bird immediately. It sounds more like an infection of worms and/or cocci than it does anything else.

    Not eating/drinking, listlessness, prior bird loss..... You might not want to discount this for simple "sensitivity issues."

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