Silkie x Ameraucana Cross Roo, uh, are you sure?

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    May 17, 2013
    I was sold this little 3mo roo a couple days ago, and I wanted everyone's opinion. He was sold to me as a 'White Silkie hen x Brown Red Ameraucana rooster cross'. Avowed that both parents were pure, from a large reputable breeder in our town (told me I was welcome to call that breeder to confirm). She admitted she didn't know much about chicken breeding or genetics, but had paired these two in their own enclosure (no other breeding or mixed up eggs possible - apparently this is a constant pair she does each year). She does not have a silkie rooster, or any silkie-mixed roosters (her 3 roos are pure from the same breeder). He was marketed as 'silkie feathers and black skin'... I figured she probably didn't know what she was talking about, like she said, but he would be good for my flock (flock details in another post! :) ).

    Got him home. Well, I was correct that she didn't know about black skin - just assumed that since the legs were dark, he was black. (Checked under his feathers - nope, light skin. I figured, with a non-silkie roo and all.) She should have known that from the red-yellow face color, but, oh well. In feather color, he looks... well, brown red I guess, but the brown is almost gray in parts, so I'm not quite sure. Opinions on that welcome too.

    But those feathers.... well. Darned if they don't look like silkie feathers to me. I was thinking he was just really late to molt his chick fluff, to her confusion, but... he is silkie-looking all over with those not-really-whole long feathers that young silkies get.

    So here's the problem! If he has a pure silkie mom and a pure ameraucana dad, how does he have silkie feathers? From what I know, silkie feathers are recessive, and carrying the gene is pretty much limited to actual silkies, or silkie crosses. Isn't that right? But the woman I got him from SWEARS her birds are pure from xyz breeder (who I know, and they don't do crosses). The roo *looked* exactly like an Ameraucana bird, nothing to indicate he was a cross (especially with a bantam). The woman won't budge from her statement that he is a pure x pure cross, and that even though silkie is recessive 'sometimes this can happen!' - which goes against everything I know about recessive genes, unless I am missing something silkie-specific?

    So. Ah.


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    The color isn’t that hard. The White hen was obviously recessive white. As long as recessive white genes don’t pair up, you basically don’t know one of that gene pair is there. But recessive white hides practically everything when it does pair up. There is no telling what is hiding under her recessive white. Possibly some diluters or some other modifiers to give that gray tinge.

    I don’t do Silkies at all so I have no direct experience with them but I’m with you. Some chicken genes are partially dominant or incompletely dominant. An example is the pea comb. If the pea comb gene pairs up with another pea gene, you get a chicken with a true pea comb (assuming no rose gene or certain comb modifiers. There are always exceptions!). If you get a chicken with one pea gene and one not-pea gene, you get a comb that is sort of wonky. It has elements of the pea comb but with “extensions”. But I thought the Silkie feathered gene was completely recessive, no halfway measures there. Either it is paired up and you have Silkie feathers or it is not paired up and you don’t know it is there.

    I’ll subscribe for a couple of days to see I an expert shows up to answer that question.
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    Aug 25, 2013
    candler nc
    heres pics of my silkie / mille de fluer x {pumpkin} both parents are pure breed
    and silkie / jap bantam x {missy}
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    Apr 24, 2014
    what colour eggs are you getting from silkie x ameraucana?
  5. hdowden

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    Aug 14, 2011
    there has to be two copies of the silkie gene in order to get silkied feathers. both parents carry the gene.
  6. calliescluckers

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    Apr 24, 2014
    ...will the eggs be coloured???

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