Silkie x Cochin Bantam?

Aug 1, 2021
I picked up this little cutie 3 days ago. The seller told me she bought the chicken as a Chochin Bantam. But she thinks it is a Silkie or Silkie x Cochin Bantam.
She also couldn’t tell if it is a hen or a rooster.
So what do you think about the breed and gender? It is about 10 weeks old.
I made a post about this chicken before. Sorry when I repeat one of my questions 🙈
Thank you in advance 😊


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Aug 1, 2021
Yes, it is a Silkie/Cochin cross. I'm not sure it is 10 weeks old-- seems a little younger. Due to the lack of wattles and the small comb, I think it is a pullet.
She told me she bought the chicken, September 11th when it was 4 - 5 weeks old.

It is really tiny compared to my about 10 weeks old Buff Orbingtons and my other 8 weeks old chickens 😄
I keep in inside the coop for now. I hope they all get along well 🙏
It is such a sweetheart and don’t mind at all when I pet it.

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