Silkied Ameraucana flock for sale. Local pick up only - North Texas.

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    LOCAL pick up in North Texas ONLY. NO SHIPPING.

    Don't have time, reducing flocks. $75 for flock of 1 rooster & 4 hens.

    *****************PM with any questions.***************

    This is a pure bred flock of 5 Ameraucana chickens.
    The rooster and 3 hens have the Silkied feather type.
    The feathers are Silkied similar to the Silkie breed but these are NOT crossed with the Silkie breed.

    This flock will produce the Silkied feather type from 3 hens and smooth feather type from 1 hen. The smooth chicks will all carry the gen for the Silkied feather type and can also produce it bred back to a Silkied bird.

    This flock is 1 year old in October 2014. This flock lays light blue eggs. Chick colors to expect are blue, black and splash.

    1 Blue Silkied Ameraucana Rooster
    3 Splash Silkied Ameraucana Hens
    1 Blue Smooth Ameraucana Hen
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