Silkied "Fluffy" Ameraucana Hatching eggs 12+

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    This is NOT an auction, please just PM if interested!

    My incubator is full again so I can offer some more eggs from this project. This is a line of BBS large fowl Ameraucanas that carry the hookless gene that give them fluffy feathers like a Silkie. My flock consists a blue F1 rooster over two blue and two splash F1 hens.

    Since these are an F1 x F1 (basically split to split) mating, each egg has a 25% chance of hatching a silked chick, 50% chance of hatching a split, and 25% chance of hatching a normal Ameraucana. Please understand that you CANNOT tell which of the smooth feathered birds are splits by eye! Test mating would be required to determine their genetics.

    Listing is for 12+ eggs, usually 15 or 16. I bubble wrap the eggs individually and ship in a double box that is styrofoam insulated. I can guarantee fresh fertile eggs will be sent, but as with any hatching eggs, cannot guarantee your hatch rate.
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