Silkied (Fluffy) Ameraucana Project Eggs - 12+

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    This is NOT for Silkie x Ameraucana cross eggs. This is for a Silkied Ameraucana project that started out with a spontaneous mutation. If you haven't heard about this project, here is the thread: .

    This batch of eggs is from 2 different groups of hens. The first is a group of F2 hens covered by a Line A silkied roo. All chicks from this pairing with be carriers of the silkied gene with a possibility of having silkied feathers. The second group of hens are Line B hens that carry the silkied trait, covered by the same silkied rooster. Chicks from this pairing will have a 50% chance of being silkie feathered and the other 50% will carry the gene.

    Price is $50 with shipping included for 12+ eggs. I will try to include an equal number of eggs from both pens, but there may be more from the F2 pen as I have twice as many hens in there. This batch will go out on Monday, April 16th. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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