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I got a silkied cochin rooster, he is not a cross. he's also barred. the question how do I get more that are silkie. I've got 4 hens from the same batch also barred and normal feathers, and a normal roo, plus a dk blue and a black hen all normal. i know the silkie will not turn up 1st gen, but how many after or not at all
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Hi! If the hens are from the same batch as the silkie feathered Cochin roo, they may be carrying the silkie feather gene too.
Try mating them and see what comes out.
Got pics to share? He sounds pretty and unusual!
Good luck!

If the smooth feathered birds are full siblings to the silkied, at least one of the parents was smooth feathered. That parent has to be carrying the silkied gene, or they would all be smooth. The others will be carrying the gene, so breed 'em and see what happens. If both parents had smooth feathers, they are both carriers, and your roo won the silkied lottery. 25% of them would then NOT carry the gene, half would have one copy, and your roo was the only one that got two. In that case, you'd get less silkied, but there should still be a few. If they are not related at all, forget all that. None of his offspring will be silkied, and it will take two generations to get the silkied appearance back.
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Good advice. Breed him with others that came from same source. Hopefully one or two will happen to be carrying the gene.

If none of the chicks turn out silked, save the best daughters and breed him with those. You will get 50% silked out of this.
Right, if you got a silkied chick, there is at least one hen carrying the gene.

Also realize that ALL of his non-silkied offspring are carrying the gene. That is why some suggest breeding him with daughters if you want more silkeds.

Congrats on your doubled good luck.

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