Silkied Serama pair


12 Years
Jan 25, 2010
North Central Florida
My birds are different. These are bred towards the Ball Serama body type.
I don't know of anyone else in the U.S. doing this.

This pair was hatched on 4/6/11.
She has begun occasionally laying and the roo has figured out how to mate.

Shipping price includes $10 for the box. Deduct $10 if you are located East of the Mississippi.

The hot weather is diminishing here in North Central Florida. My post office will get the birds flown out of Florida the same day that I box them up. We will wait for the correct weather in your location before shipping, if necessary.

Please don't bid unless you can pay via paypal within 24 hours of the auction ending.

Thanks for looking.

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I let them out today without any leashes.
They were very mellow. The hen finally jumped to the ground
but the roo looked like he was ready to live up on the tabletop,
until a hawk buzzed us and then veered off when it saw me.
The screaming. Took awhile before we felt again the silence of the hens.



Stand back, they smell corn!


Couldn't resist the chance to take a last photo of this pair.

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