SILKIED SERAMA Rooster, very typey and small and LOTS of personality!

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    Jun 11, 2008
    Here is your chance to obtain a very tiny and handsome, colorful, beautiful Silkied Serama Rooster named "Squints". Shipping is $50.00 and that includes his box + Express Mail. Here are some of his pictures -

    None of RevolutionMama Ranch birds are hatchery stock. All are from excellent quality breeders- expensive, wonderful birds! We take pride in preservation of heritage breeds and maintaining genetic strengths while adding new genetic lines for diversity. We believe in keeping to the defined standards for all of our breeds. Our birds are fed a high-quality diet to produce healthy chicks for your benefit!


    He is about 2 years old and an excellent lil' guy I want him to go to an excellent home [​IMG]

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