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    Apr 18, 2009
    Up for sale are 6 Silkie eggs from my silkie pen. All the eggs are pure...The eggs are from today and yesterday. I will also add one Frizzle egg as an extra.

    My rooster is a Showgirl and the hens are 2 pure white, Splash, Black. I put the showgirl in about 2 weeks ago. I do not know who he has met with.... :} The previous rooster was a pure white.

    These are not the best of pictures, but they will have to do. I will ship out tomorrow pending payment. I have priced this low ( at least I think so) to get sold tonight so I can package up and ship tomorrow.

    This is one day only auction.


  2. Just something funny about saying your "rooster is a 'showgirl'...hope that doesnt give him a complex!! LOL
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    Reminds me of my homemade sign by our house Laying Hens and Roosters for Sale..............All the folks want the laying roosters [​IMG]

    To the op, very nice silkies!
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