Silkies and cats dilemma

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  1. klf73

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    Jun 1, 2008
    I am hatching some silkie eggs [​IMG] , we have a neighborhood cat that tries to hunt in our yard (birdfeeders) and I am constantly chasing him away. DH wants to shoot it (first try with automatic plastic pellet gun and if that doesn't scare him, use a .22). We have spoken to this neighbor (as has my mother, we are in same neighborhood)and she(the owner) treats this cat like a kid. I want to let my silkies roam in my yard but am afraid they just look like big cat toys. I have larger chickens (still chicks) that will roam our woods but seeing the hens they came from they shouldn't have a problem.
    any suggestions?

    edited to add I'm not sure I'll be keeping a rooster (depends on noise level) so the hens won't have a protectorother than my kids if they notice the cat
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  2. ninny

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    you might want to keep them cooped up. silkies tend to just get eaten. they might be ok if they are non bearded cause the crest wont fall in their faces.
  3. WestKnollAmy

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    I think Silkies like to stay safe in a coop for a few months anyhow. Maybe when they are older and bolder, they may want to go out some with supervision but I have a feeling they may not be as adventuresome as other breeds.
    They do seem small and fragile in a lot of ways and a cat would get one with no problem. I plan to keep mine up most all the time. The neighborhood cat doesn't bother my adult birds but you can bet he would get some chicks if he could.
    And if you get rid of one cat, others just take their place. Believe me, they are difficult. That is why I have 7 in the house and none out running the farm![​IMG]

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