Silkies and Kentucky Winters

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  1. Well, I have Winter on my mind...
    How do silkies do in winter? Will they need to be housed all season, or do they keep warm enough on their own?
    Will chickens go into a warm environment on their own if its provided? I like to keep them free range, I just want to know they will be smart enough to go into the warm if they need too, LOL!
    I really don't want chickensickles.... [​IMG]

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    Sep 12, 2010
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    silkies are very hardy, but if they get wet (and it is very easy for tham to get wet b/c their feathers are so soft) they will get cold so you might want to keep them pinned up so they dont get all wet, cold, and frozen, but if they are free range then they will go to a wram place if they can
  3. Quote:Good to know! I think we are going to build a haygloo for them. I worry they won't go inside it, I may have to pen them in it for a few days till they get the point. My lavs love to roost outside the shelters they have, even in the rain [​IMG]

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