Oct 13, 2016
I need to downsize my chickens. I'm located in Lillington, NC. I'll be able to meet locally but I can't ship at this time. I can provide pictures of the parents to these chickens upon request. I have the following chickens for sale:

A first generation blue Showgirl hen
She will be two years old in June 2019. She is a great layer and a great broody.

Bearded white Silkie
She/he is four months old. Straight run. She/he is growing up to be a very nice quality bird and I think she/he would make an excellent addition to a Silkie breeding program or just as a beautiful backyard pet.

Non-bearded white Silkie
She/he is three months old. Straight run. Raised by a broody hen.

Buy all for $35.
Check out my Facebook page called Smooth as Silk Sales to see more Silkies for sale!
White Silkie.jpg
Blue Showgirl.jpg
White Silkie chick.jpg
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