Silkies and silkie/frizzle gender questions....


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May 30, 2013
I have a 21 week old Silkie/Frizzle bought as a chick from a friend of a friend.
(She is black one) She has not starting crowing but developed a little bit of a comb and wattle just in the past week.

I have little experience with the breed but I know they are late bloomers.
Any idea on the sex?

Also I have two 11 week old silkies bought from a local feed store straight run.

One (buff) developed a comb and wattle very young the other (white) has little much like my black chick did.

Is is safe to assume the buff is a boy and the other is a girl?

I would love some input!


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I can see them on this end. I did have to go back and edit.
Can you see the photos now?
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The buff one is definitely a rooster. As for your black one, I'm not entirely sure. The comb/wattles are a bit red/prominent for a pullet, but they could be like that because she's about to start laying. For now, the white one looks like a pullet.
Well my 5 month old black Frizzle/silkie just let out a cook-a-doodle-do this am.
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