Silkies,Bantam Cochins,and Showgirls! Hens and roosters! 6 months old- 1 year old.

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    Nov 8, 2011
    i have silkies,cochins,and showgirls for sale. the cochins are hatchery stock and the show girls are from an out of state breeder. Silkies are hatchery stock as well.

    Phoenix az
    1 White Silkie Rooster $15
    2 Mottled Bantam Cochin Roosters $15 each
    1 White Show Girl Rooster $20
    2 Black Show Girl Hens $25 each both healthy active layers

    all are great healthy bantams.

    if you want them all you can have them all for $100

    comment or pm or call or text me 602 810 8107
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