Silkies being eaten...


Popping like kettle corn...
9 Years
Jan 5, 2011
Hickory Flat, MS
My other chickens are pecking all my little silkies feet. They are all bleeding. Is there anyway to stop this? I feel so bad for them. I seperated the silkies from the others. I put them into a seperate pen. Is there anything to do?
I've been having a similar problem with my hens pecking my Polish rooster's head feather's out. From what I can ascertain, separating them is the only option. I've tried just about everything else and nothing works. You could try Rooster Booster or Blu Kote, as most chickens will peck it, HATE the way it tastes, and stop, but this is something you have to continue to apply, or they wil just return to their old ways. It only worked for a very short time with my roo and hasn't really helped much since.
Yes, the silkies are quite a bit younger, but are old enough to introduce to the flock. At least for other chicken breeds, they are.
I figured as much. I am thinking about keeping them separate anyway. I am currently expanding my coop, and I think I will just build a silkie annex. That way I won't have to worry about it. Plus, I want to use the silkies as brooding hens, so maybe this will turn out best anyway. Thanks for everyones help.
I like the idea of a silkie annex. I want to get some really different a silkie or polish crested, but I worried about this same thing happening. Good idea!
My poor girls were pecked to the point of bleeding.. I was upset. So I put them into a separate pen. They are in such a large pen... they rarely range half of it.

Yeah, I don't suggest adding them to a normal flock. It is just setting you up to be upset. Unless you free range them... Sadly, we have too many predators to do that. Otherwise, I would. So I just build REALLY BIG pens for them.

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