Silkies breed?


Mar 8, 2018
So I hit the jackpot today at tractor supply!!!! 3 Japanese bantams (I lost 1 :(), wyandotte maybe?, 1 grey, 1 black and some white silkies. I was wondering what the grey ones were if it was also a black and the lighter one would be a white. First 2 are the ones I'm questioning and also the last one I believe to be a Wyandotte?


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The last one has feathered legs so not a Wyandotte. Partridge Cochin maybe.

The first 2 look like silkies. One white, one black, or possibly dark blue.
Ok the first one looks different than the white ones I wasn't sure if the colors could range a little bit though. The third pic is one of the white ones. I didn't post a pic of my black one because it's just jet black no question there lol thanks
Colors can vary one white and the first should be a white. The second will be a blue for sure. For hatchery silkies, the second and third have very nice feathering already on their legs and feet. Congrats!
My black one also has a lot of feathers on it's little legs. So there's different types? Or you mean hatcheries compared to a breeder who has better stock?
Sure thing ! I have some older bantams just found out they're red cochin and I have 1 in particular already has amazing leg feathers compared to the others. I thought maybe it just meant it was a roo or hen lol I've raised chickens, but I'm brand new to bantams so I'm really enjoying these little cuties! :D

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