silkies, cochin bantam, and andalusian - Ohio

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    Feb 10, 2012
    Near Bellefontaine, OH
    [​IMG] Photo is of white rooster in front and black rooster in back. I can get photos of the others if anyone wants to see them.

    All are 4 months old, used to free ranging during the day and fed non-gmo feed
    1 blue andalusian pullet - blue
    1 blue silkie, I think this is a pullet, but can't be sure
    1 mixed color silkie pullet (blue w/ silver on her neck)
    1 mixed color silkie pullet (blue w/ brown on her neck)
    1 black cochin bantam pullet
    1 white silkie rooster - looks correct (walnut comb, nice crest, 5 toes, feathering to second toe)
    1 black silkie rooster - nice crest, but has 1 white toenail on each foot
    1 buff silkie rooster - pet only as his neck seems a little crooked, I think it happened in the egg, but wouldn't want to breed in case it is genetic. He has a little black in his tail.
    Located in Huntsville, OH 43324 - about 1 hour northwest of Columbus, OH
    $10 each or $35 for 3 silkie hens and choice of rooster color.
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