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May 24, 2021
Middle Tennessee
Can you help please!?
I have 3 silkies that I am trying to come up with a unique area just for my silkies since I will most likely be separating them from my polish cockrel. He likes to roosts up high so that's easy to do...but the silkies are a little more challenging.
I have an old huge galvanized wash tub. I drew out a ROUGH side view of this and hope to get your input - if u can make heads n tails out of my draft.
The wash tub would be held by 2x6 on each side holding it on it's side. Not sure if I would need another 2x6 underneath to secure the pieces together sort of like a brace for the tub.
The roost area would be 1/3 to 1/2 the way up within the wash tub using a 2x4 wrapped in rope.
Then I would place pine shavings underneath the 2x4 similar to a poop board area.
Does this look like it might work?
The entire coop/run are an open area concept and will NOT have a permanent roof, NOR any sides til closer to winter. We have high humidity and high temps so trying to make this as cool and vented as possible.

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