Silkies, Crested Cream Legbars, Lavender Orpingtons, Sizzles & Eggs!


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May 4, 2012
I have the following birds for sale

Pure Lavender Orpington hens almost 1/ 1/2 yrs old out of JC Hink and Greenfire. 20.00 each

Pure Crested Cream Legbars out of Greenfire & Jordan Farm. Very nice quality, first generation hatch, 2 months old. Pullets 40.each Cockerels 12.00 each. That's a GREAT price for Legbars of this age and quality!

Sizzle Chicks little over a week old out of SQ stock Silkies. 7.00 each

Pure Black, Blue & Splash Silkie hatching Eggs out of SQ stock Silkies 25.00 a dozen + extras if available.

Cream Legbar hatching Eggs 45.00 a dozen + extras if available.

Have a few barney eggs from some of birds that are not in a pen..Easter Egger x Lavender Orpington. My daughter hatches the eggs for fun (as pets) The chicks come out black & white splash, or black (some with buff brushed in) very pretty, should be great layers..still a mystery what color eggs they will lay as none of the chicks produced are old enough to lay..but they were all hatched out of blue/green eggs. (lavenders lay large, brown, pinkish, mauve, tan eggs) The EE'S have laid all blue/green eggs..So who 12.00 a dozen + any extras if anyone wants some for egg laying/fun. All my other birds are kept there is NO chance of them crossing. Im located In Central Illinois. I will ship Eggs at buyers expense, birds are pick up only. Thanks everyone! More pics will gladly be sent upon request.

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