Silkies - Day 10 - Candling PIX


11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
My silkies are squirming like mad. I love it because I can actually SEE through these shells unlike the Welsummers and Marans I have in there. Here are a couple of pictures of them today on day 10:


Thanks. I'll have you know that I had the camera on a little tripod balanced on the toilet (the one bathroom is the only room without a window, LOL) and used the timer button. I was squated down there with that egg precariously balanced on my hand. Then I had to use the other hand to take the photo and then hold as still as possible since I was using no flash. It was pretty crazy, so I was happy that it was fairly successful and no peepers were injured in the process.
Is that them before you put them in the bator or are they hatching them for you, and does anyone recommend keeping them out 10 days before putting them in the bator???
Thanks Cindy
Thank you for the pics. I've got a silkie on top of some & I had no idea what it was supposed to look like in there.
These have been in my incubator for 10 days, so this is 10 days of chick development. I think 1-2 weeks is usually the longest you want to keep eggs out before putting them in to incubate. When I do my own eggs, rather than shipped eggs, I only hold them up to three days before starting them.

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