Silkie's eye is looking worse...???


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Aug 10, 2009
Hope someone can help me out here. I bought a Silkie (from a swap about a month ago) She was two years old and I thought a tad thin. Brought her home and kept her separated from my other girls. She had a really good appetite and along with layers mash she got lots of other choice tibits. I first noticed her left eye looking a little closed, is the best I can describe it to you. Then I thought her feathers from her cheeks were getting caught up in the eye. I trimmed all her cheek feathers. I started wiping it twice a day with a clean warm cloth and putting in polysporin drops (for eyes) . I did this for one whole week twice a day but it's slowing getting worse. Now it looks like there are liquid bubbles in it and sometimes she has a bit of clear water from her sinus. She is still very active and is eating really good. I've searched through the poutrysite on diseases...but can't seem to find anything that sounds or looks like this.
thank you for any help or ideas


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Feb 6, 2007
Start by dosing the bird with polyvisol vitamins without iron. If it does not improve within a week then some other disease process is happening.

The next thing to think about is worming if you haven't already done it. If your vet will check fecal samples, collect a couple from her and take them in to be checked.

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