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    Hi there! I saw some silkies today and have a question concerning the roo's feet. The hens & chicks had feet which looked like regular chicken feet (does that make any sense? it just sounds weird!!) except with LONG toenails, but the roo's feet and legs looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. They were lumpy and nodular looking, like burls or gnarls in an old tree. Is that a genetic trait, an aging trait, or a symptom of some disease or other abnormality? I am really curious, and would like to have an answer. All you silkie lovers/owners/experts, sound off here! Thx in advance!
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    It could be scaly leg mites.... they are microscopic parasites that get under the scales of the leg and cause them to raise up to the point where the legs look like bark off of tree stumps...
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    That's one of the possibilities I was wondering about -- if the infestation is over, do the legs return to normal or do they always have that "tree stump" look? This guy's legs didn't look scaly on the outside, but were very lumpy and knotty looking, and even his toes looked strange. His nails were probably at LEAST 2-3" long; I've never seen toenails that long on any kind of chicken before, and especially not a small one like a silkie. Any thoughts?
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    hmmmm... I believe that the scales to return to normal if treated, but thankfully I haven't had to deal with it yet.
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    Feb 5, 2008
    I have no idea why your roo's feet might look like that but I used to trim my Silkie's toenails with a regular toenail clipper when they seemed to get too long. Just in case I got too close, I had a little cornstarch ready (works just like Styptic powder but a lot cheaper) and had not trouble.


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