Silkies for Sale in MD/DE/PA Area

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    Some Pics of the Silkie's we have available ...

    Meet The Magic Schoolbus Crew - Ralphie, Liz and Phoebe - all named after Miss Frizzle's adventurous students! They're still very young, yet, hatched the week before Easter (March 27-29, 2018.) All three tested clean for AV and Pullorum in July, 2018. They are healthy, happy youngsters, very sweet-natured and extremely tame ... think "spoiled 4H project," which describes them to a "T."
    No eggs, yet, but we're getting close!

    Ralphie making sure everything's cool before they leave the run.

    This next picture isn't the best one of The Magic Schoolbus crew, but it does show how soft and fluffy they are - even when they've just had a good roll in the mulch! The two Sebrights in this picture are also available - there are five of those - two gold laced cockerels and three pullets (two silver- & one gold-laced.)

    Did I miss any good stuff?

    Liz - out exploring...
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    wish I was closer:( good luck!:fl
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    UPDATE! Ralphie and the Girls went to their new Forever Home last night! I already miss my fluffies, but they will continue to grow and be spoiled by Miss Megan and her family. Thank you, Megan!
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