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    Jan 11, 2010
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    I know everyone HATES these sort of questions. I apologize.

    I also know that if I want a particular look in a bird, or a SQ bird... I need to go through a breeder.

    I even know that Purely Poultry is sort of a middle an or clearing house for chicks... and I do not mean that in a bad way. Not at all. i will be ordering starter chicks from them.


    I have noticed that silkies seem to vary. A LOT. Some are fuzzy, some have smooth necks, some are quite frankly rather ugly to me (beauty is in the eye of the beholder... but showgirls and such scare me!!!)

    I am just wondering what the silkies from Purely poultry might look like. I do know they say they are bearded only.
    Does anyone have one that they can post a pic of?

    We would be getting them simply for cute factor for my daughter... and as possible surrogate broodies down the road. I really cannot justify the money for a SQ bird for her right now until I make sure she is interested (she already has a $400 guitar and a bunch of other expensive "toys"). If she is... I would certainly consider it. But not for a "starter".

    Any help here? Are they reasonably fuzzy? We want a Chuppet (muppet chicken) not a halloween decoration!
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    All silkies are fuzzy with fuzzy feathered necks. All of our silkies are 5 toed. We don't have pics yet. Our Silkies would meet the need for the cute factor and surrogate broodies. They are very fuzzy.

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