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    Oct 20, 2007
    Metamora, Illinois
    have pics of all of these available, if you email me at [email protected], I would be happy to send them out.

    I have 4 PQ straight run white Silkie babies, they are about 3 months old, Nice fluff, out of my SQ birds, but their toes are wrong, either not enough spacing, no spacing-as in just an extra toenail, or no fifth toe all together.
    they are $5 each.

    I have a White Silkie Roo that is really pretty, but has a single comb, the lady I got him from,(he is from the bunch I picked up down in southern Illinois) said he was an Alan Stanford bird.$15.

    and I have a BQ Black Roo that I bought from George Mihalik that can go for $25. again, really nice bird, his comb is rather large, and I am really a stickler on that. I am also not crazy on his wings, they are not as tight as I would like to see
    He would make a great breeding bird for any program, I just don't like the size of his comb, and the two babies that I am running out of him have larger combs too.

    I would be happy to ship, all birds need to be out of here by the 15th of April. IF I am shipping, I need you to provide the box, and you will pay exact shipping, plus $10 for my gas, I have to drive over 40 miles one way to get to the PO that takes lives. Paypal to my email..
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    Jan, thank you so much for my beautiful babies. They kids are loving them to death.
  3. WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! I need the info on the black roo... I'm intersted, and call first dibs
  4. Majestic Lane Poultry

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    Feb 9, 2009
    2nd in line for the black roo.

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