silkies in clarksville, TN

jas humbert

Jul 2, 2015
I've been doing silkies for years but just found out we are going to be moving cross country in a couple of months. I don't want to but I'm going to sell my whole flock and get started again once we get settled and find a place. I have 17 silkies. 5 hens between 1-3 years old -all laying well and healthy- nice show and breeding quality. 8 three months olds that I hatched from Bobbi Porto eggs, a big show breeder with detailed website showing her glorious birds. They are exceptional and definitely could be shown. I'm 95% sure I've got 4 pullets and 4 cockerels. Then 5 two months old- not show quality but not horrible-ordinary but healthy and friendly-not positive on sex yet but for sure a mix of pullets and roos . Out of that batch of 17 I have 3 naked necks- 1 one year old hen, 2 three months old pullets. First of all I'd like to sell the whole flock at one pop and be done with it. $250 for them all. If I have to break them up I might but not as cheap and

pairs only (or a single cockerel or the whole batch of unsexed 2 month olds). I have a fantastic pair of whites and another of partridge of The gorgeous 3 months old pairs would be a great start to a flock. $40 each pair for the good ones. I've got lots of colors- ask me for more pictures. No shipping- come and get them.

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