Silkies, Orpingtons, Marans, Wyandottes, Crested Cream Legbars, Polish - NEW BREEDS ADDED!

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    As we are almost fully caught up on egg orders, we have added some exciting new breeds for sale! If you would like a mixture of eggs, please contact us via PM or email at and we will be able to give you PER EGG prices. Payment is by PayPal ONLY unless agreed in advance by us. Please send payment to Our order list is based on when we receive payment from you.

    Each egg is individually wrapped in foam and then placed in a bubble wrap coated box. We have only had issues with this when USPS decided to destroy the box and other than that one occasion have never had a broken egg. Shipping is a flat $15 for up to 24 eggs. If you want to order more than 24 eggs then you would need to pay another $15 for the next 24. We cannot fit more than 24 eggs in a box, including the extras.

    We ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.

    Due to how USPS handles the box we can't guarantee that you will get a good hatch rate from our eggs. However I can guarantee that we get excellent hatch rates here, usually around 90% with 100% fertility. We do guarantee that the amount of eggs you pay for will turn up in tact and will either reship (at your expense) or do a partial refund.

    If you would like to see more pictures of our birds then please visit our breeds page:


    Our Silkie flock has several well known bloodlines in our breeding pens, including Bobbi Porto, Jack Ferguson and Geri Godina. We have the following colors: White, Blue/Black/Splash, Paint, Partridge, Buff, Porcelain, Lavender. You will receive a mixture of these eggs as no pen is laying well enough in this heat to guarantee a certain amount of each color. You will receive at least three different colors in your mixture.

    6 eggs - $12
    12 eggs - $20
    24 eggs - $35

    Orpingtons - New Colors!

    All of our Orpington flock is 100% English. We love them huge and fluffy! Along with having some exciting new colors (White and Red), we also have several colors laying that we didn't have previously!

    6 Blue/Black/Splash eggs - $25
    12 Blue/Black/Splash eggs - $40
    24 Blue/Black/Splash eggs - $70
    6 Chocolate Bantam eggs - $50
    6 White eggs - $70
    6 Jubilee eggs - $100 (sold out until 8/19)
    6 Partridge eggs - $150


    Our flock of Blue Laced Red Wyandottes are directly from Jerry Foley. They all have the much wanted deep mahogany color which is desired for breeding from.

    6 eggs - $25
    12 eggs - $40


    We have two breeding pens of Copper Marans; both are currently being covered by the same Blue Copper rooster from DMRippy. The hens are out of Jeane and Davis lines. At the moment you will be receiving a mixture of Blue AND Black Copper Marans eggs as we unexpectedly lost our Black rooster to heat.

    6 eggs - $20
    12 eggs - $35

    Legbars - New!

    After testing fertility in our Crested Cream Legbars we are 100% sure they are fertile. We have a non-crested rooster covering crested and one non-crested hen. They are from Greenfire Farms lines.

    6 eggs - $35
    12 eggs - $60

    Polish - New!

    We are incredibly pleased to have Tolbunt Polish on our farm! In our Tolbunt pen we have a frezzled Tolbunt rooster over smooth Gold Laced and Tolbunt hens to try to increase genetic diversity. They are from Bare Necessities Farms lines, NOT from Greenfire.

    6 eggs - $60


    Cinnamon Queen eggs - original cross of New Hampshire roo over Silver Laced Wyandotte hens. We get 3+ eggs a day from them so can send 1 dozen a week. $10 per dozen, $7 per half dozen

    Easter Egger Pen - currently has a Black Ameraucana roo and an Easter Egger roo over a Blue Olive Egger, a Blue Wheaten Ameraucana hen, a "Cream" Legbar (she is gold) and a Golden Lakenvelder hen. There is a really interesting mix of chick colors which come from this pen. $10 per dozen, $7 per half dozen.
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    Aug 19, 2013
    What is the color in the 5th picture of that orpington? I can not wait till my incubator is finished on the 7th to get some of your eggs!
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    That is a Blue Orpington. :)
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    What eggs are available now?
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    Oct 30, 2012
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    We will not have availability for any more orders until February. Thank you to everyone for the influx of orders.

    January we are now completely sold out.

    Many Thanks!
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    Hi there, do you still have the mixed color silkie eggs for sale? I am interested in getting some.
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    Hi, we are not selling any Silkies eggs at the moment as we have a long waiting list.
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    Aren't all crested cream legbars crested? I'm confused.

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