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    Apr 19, 2018
    Hello, what a great site. I do not yet have chickens, but I do have 2 male Peacocks; they have their own walled garden and coop where they eat and sleep but do come and roam the garden with the family.

    I don't have chickens; however our farm does and the chickens wander down and hang out. If the boys are on the lawn they will walk up to the chickens (who like to hang out on the patio and peer in the house), but if the chickens approach the boys they shoo them away... If the family are out we also shoo the chickens away if they come over, we have always joked that the boys are copying us.

    So, my question is, would Silkies be able to live with them in their walled garden and coop and join us on the lawn?

    I do realise the boys shoo the chickens off the lawn as a dominance territory thing if they aren't feeling in a chicken mood; but there are times they aren't bother by them at all. The boys aren't overly aggressive to the chickens, the seem to chase them off when we are in the garden, as we do it to them. The boys will do the same to my little dog if he is in an excited, playfull mood, but if he isn't they will walk up to us and not bother with him just walking around. My boys are classed as friendly, they will take food from us, steal off the table, and will back down if told off. They do need to get to know a human before they will allow them to feed or touch them, from someone they dont know a touch will get them pecked, but they don't charge at them, but will butt you. Strange dogs they do not like, it takes them a long time to trust a dog and will go back to their garden and coop if not happy.

    If anyone has Silkies and Peacocks living together I would love to see pics and gain lots of information.

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