Silkie's taken thoughts on sex & colors

Seeing Silkies

9 Years
Sep 12, 2010
Columbia TN
I am thinking 2 hens & a roo




The pic with the 3 I think the middle one is a roo. Kind of think the 1st one may be a roo to

Thank You for any input
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To young to tell LOL ok I know what that means now, thank you they are all the same age I hatched them out on Dec 8

Thanks for all of your help
The one in the center of the 3rd picture is definitely a male. I love his coloration. I think the splash in the 1st picture is a pullet. I am afraid to venture a guess on the one in the 2nd picture.
The parents are 1 or the other BBLavender split roo / Splash roo - Mom 's are Black & splash
Well see in a few weeks what they are
thank You

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