silkies!!! thread about silkies!!!

There are several silkie threads already, one of them is several thousand pages deep... Just scroll through and you'll see it.
There are several silkie threads already, one of them is several thousand pages deep... Just scroll through and you'll see it.
i know. i just havent been getting many comments lately.
im about to get a silkie and im wondering what theyre like. tell me some experiences with them, or comment just for fun!!!
I don't exactly have a Silkie, but I do have three Sizzles (SilkiexCochin)
These guys/girls are my first chickens ever, and they are currently 7 weeks old and I have had them since they were only 7 days old. I am absolutley in love with them and the breed! I can't imagine having anything other than a Sizzle or Silkie. I refer to them all as "he" even though I don't know the gender. All three have a unique personality. Sorry in advanced that I don't have more stories or anything to tell, but I hope this helps some :)

My Paint Chick is the "shy" one of the bunch. He won't just run up to you, but he won't run away either. He lets me pick him up whenever I please, and doesn't try to struggle away. He is also very gentle when I hand feed him treats. He hates being away from the group though. If he gets seperated, he will call out for the others and search for them. He won't inspect a new treat either, he waits till the others have tested it out. Everytime I let them out of the house to go roam the run (I don't have their coop finished, so they currently spend the night in the laundry room in a giant dog crate) he gets so excited and tries his hardest to fly around. He can't jump high at all, so it looks like he is just skipping around flapping his wings.

My Splash Chick is the brave one of the bunch. I am also almost 100% sure he is truly a he. I have caught him crowing almost every morning for the past week. He is always the first one to inspect something that is new. He doesn't even wait for me to put the treats in their bowl, he takes them right out of my hand and runs away with it. He also likes to untie my shoes every time I enter the run. I have three big dogs, two American Pit Bull Terriers (Ellie Mae, and Humphrey Bogart), and one Rottweiler (Coach). They are nice to any animal they meet, whether its a chicken, dog, cat, or even hamster.. Well, I let them in the run with me one day, and this little guy ran up to Coach and pecked him in the leg, then he took off. Next, he snuck up on Ellie and pecked her in the leg as well. After that, he snuck up on Humphrey who was laying down and pecked him in the thigh. My poor dogs looked at me so upset like "but mom, why would he do that to me?" Even though he likes to act like that boss, he is really a sweet guy. He never pecks me, or struggles when I pick him up. He is super cautious to make sure he only grabs the treat out of my hand as well.

My Black Chick is the mellow one of the bunch. He is always the first one to run to me when I open the gate to their run. He loves to be held as well, he always climbs into my lap if I am sitting on the ground. He never really tries to fly around like the others. He is really interested in the camera and loves to pose for it. When I give them treats, he chirps super loud and runs around in circles around the crate. If I hold out my arm, he will climb onto it, and just sit there until I make him get off. He also really enjoys it if you just sit their and pet him. At first he makes a chirp sound, but once he realizes what you are doing he just continues to sit there. Everyone who sees them, always tends to pick him as their favorite.

We currently have 5 silkie babies and one Hen. When considering getting our girls my wife mentioned she wanted some silkies, I was a bit apprehensive about them, just due to not knowing anything really about them. We had a Rooster and he was a great guy. Very nice to everyone and loved spending time with my daughter. Out of all of them he was my favorite. If you have kids I think they will really enjoy them.
Haha! Enjoy them, they will be a great addition to your family. That is a great compliment from your mom, But being a kid is alot of fun also when done responsibly.

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