silkies versus dutch bantams - egg laying


8 Years
Jul 11, 2011
Cottage Grove, Oregon
I am curious...How do they compare as egg layers. Size, frequency, broodiness..?. Part of the reason I am wondering is that I have a couple of silkies that are great layers..with occasional bouts of broodiness...(after all who doesn't get broody sometimes...
but I need to replace two chickens..and I have seen this...

"Historically, it is supposed that these tiny chickens were selectively bred because only small eggs could be kept by peasant farmers, while larger ones were required to be sent to the kitchens of the landed gentry.[3]" This makes me think he Dutch must be pretty good layers of small eggs... I am really curious if the eggs are smaller than silkie eggs..since the bantams seem to be about half the size of the silkies.

PS....If you are just going to tell me they are crappy layers...please...take this as my acknowledgement of your opinion... I am just looking for factual the eggs are smaller, one has been more or less broody,....ect...
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